episode 65 – beating all the odds with hazel

episode 73 – books and conversation with jonathan harris 6/20/2021 Mrgentleman lifestyle podcast

On this episode we have jonathan harris on the show we are discussing his books ( master of celemonies a male guide for successful life and many more),  life growing up, his journey as motivational speaker and many more.  Jonathan Harris contact info:  ig: @authorjon email:  Theauthorjon@gmail.com   website: https://www.authorjon.com/books  my Contact info:  instagram: @ken_mrgentleman  @mrgentlemanlifestylepodcast  email: kenypgent@gmail.com  website: http://mrgentlemanlifestylepodcast.com — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/kenmrgentleman/message
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On this episode we got hazel eyed rose on the show discussing her music, mental health and many more…  this is one of my deepest interview to date

hazel contact info: 

Instagram:  @hazel_eyed_rose 

 Facebook:  hazel-eyed-rose

check out her music:

  Youtube: https://youtu.be/BtGpYvIKqvs

 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/5cMLE0zvWKpNpX0ST6fGnp?si=2zcgn2AlQnKUd23M6WUbwA&utm_source=copy-link

Contact info:

instagram: @ken_mrgentleman


email: kenypgent@gmail.com.

website: https://mrgentlemanlifestylepodcast.com


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