bonus episode – bro talk ( the never before heard interview) with aaron sands

so we on a short break until this sunday with second half of season 4. but yall get a treat and check out this exclusive interview ( its was an youtube exclusive) with my bro 1/4 of the premiere boyz podcast and king talk with aaron sands mr aaron sandsand this was recorded back in jan and we spoke alot of stuff from how we met in hs, all our business ventures we have together and his latest project so check it out now and dont forget second half of season 4 start this sunday at 12am

A conversation about music podcast episode 4 – mook dollas 9/26/2021 Mrgentleman lifestyle podcast

on this episode of mrgentleman lifestyle podcast present a conversation about music podcast ( new episode every 1st sundays) we have hip hop artist mook dollas return on the show ( episode 44) discussing his new album, new music and many more. mook dollas contact info: ig: @mookdollasmusic mook dollas music: mook dollas youtube page: his first appearence on mrgentleman lifestyle podcast (episode 44):—do-the-right-thing-for-hip-hop-w-mook-dollas-7262020-egkeuh a conversation about music podcast series: Contact info: instagram: @ken_mrgentleman @mrgentlemanlifestylepodcast email: website: all my social media: youtube channel: Mrgentleman Lifestyle Podcast Paid Content: THE ARTISTS THAT COME ON MY SHOW OWN THE RIGHTS TO THEIR MUSIC — Send in a voice message:
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